Ashley Copeland

A Few of Our Favorite Things

Ashley Copeland
A Few of Our Favorite Things

Working with a couple to plan a wedding day is such a special experience.  At Ashley Copeland Weddings, we put more than just creative energy and sweat equity into our work when crafting a couple’s fairytale day— we add our hearts. In fact, when we began planning weddings, I was surprised how naturally the heart aspect happened, but it’s something that is drawn out of you when you work with amazing brides, grooms, and sometimes entire families.

But let’s be honest... weddings could easily become stale. There’s a bride, a dress, an aisle, a preacher, a cake, some flowers… wash, rinse, and repeat, right?

A wedding is such an important institution that there’s a reason for the formula. But there’s also a reason, a very important reason, that I don't’ have one laminated wedding plan I pull out of a drawer when a bride calls. And that’s because each bride is an individual, and over the years I have found an array of personalities, desires, visions, and ideas so that each wedding we have planned has been its own unique event. When we wed those personalities and visions with our expertise and hard work, something fun and magical happens… a fairytale.

2017 is already shaping up to be a great year for us. As we look ahead at the weddings on the calendar, I’d like to pause to reflect on the moments from past weddings that kept me excited about wedding planning. These moments exhibited creativity, resourcefulness, innovation, and daring, and they made me glad to do the work I do. To steal a line from Julie Andrews and Oprah, these were a few of our favorite things.

For his groomsmen gifts, Taylor Clopton, an avid Auburn fan, put together a box of the necessities: bourbon glass, cigar, tie, and, of course, socks! #WarEagle #TaylorMade

Laura Frenz broke her foot weeks before her wedding day. She adapted beautifully though by redesigning her wedding day shoes. Beyond allowing her to walk comfortably, the tennis shoes enabled her to incorporate the wedding hashtag into her fancy footwear. #Frenzforever

Stephanie and Brent love Colorado, especially the skiing. In fact, after their wedding last year they moved there. At their wedding reception dinner, each table number was a framed photograph of one of their favorite spots on their favorite ski slopes! #unique #skilovers

Aaron wrote Brittany a series of letters for her to read at various steps along her wedding day journey. She had a letter for when she was getting ready, one when she got in the limo, one before the first reveal, and one before they entered their reception as husband and wife. Every time I saw her read a new letter, her emotions poured out through her expressions, and you could see in her eyes her love for Aaron. #loveletters

Britton and Hannah were intent on waiting until she walked the aisle for him to see her for the first time. However, they wanted to pray together before the ceremony. Britton opted for a “blind” reveal. Hannah was able to see him, but he could only touch her and talk with her. While they sat on the front row of the outdoor chapel at 4-H Center, they prayed together and she read him a letter. #blindedbylove

Though it certainly stood out from other dessert tables we've seen at wedding receptions, it wasn't the candy that stole our hearts on this one. When Kathryn and Jesse dated in college, late nights often ended in candy runs. So their favorites, Haribo gummy bears and York peppermint patties, formed the basis of their candy buffet. The Jelly Bellys? Those were Kathryn’s grandmother’s favorite candy. And the Smarties? Jesse’s grandfather used to pass those out in church. Both of those grandparents passed after Kathryn and Jesse began dating, but their memory was honored through the candy. Quite the personal touch! #sweettooth #sugarsugar

Laura and Nick Frenz appear for the second time on this list. They were married at the chapel at Birmingham Southern College, the same chapel where Laura’s parents had been married. The photographer folded their family history into photo shoot with a special picture within the picture. While posing with Laura and his parents, Nick held an old photograph of Laura's parents on their wedding day, which had occurred on the same date. #sharedanniversary #familyheritage

Brigham and Andrew decided to have a “Hand-Fast” during their September nuptials. The wrapping of chords around each of their hands symbolized infinity and confirmed oneness with each other that cannot be broken. #weddingbonds

We've seen lots of confetti and its variations (bubbles, rice, sparklers, rose petals) at weddings but always during the bride and groom's exit from the reception. For this Park Crest wedding, Meghan and Taylor took their first walk as husband and wife through a confetti shower that added a sense of energy and fun to their stroll down the aisle. They had placed the boxes of confetti on their guests' seats for the wedding, which led to this gorgeous photograph. #readyforconfetti #makeitrain

Ever heard of this wedding tradition? “Bury the bourbon” one month prior, and you will have good luck and no rain on your wedding day. I loved trekking into the woods in Auburn with this couple with shovels to dig up the bourbon during this December wedding.  #norain #bottomsup

Allyson Varley Panter takes the cake with her unique and totally awesome Black Wedding Dress created by Heidi Elnora. Allyson’s journey in dress design made the hit TLC show, “Bride by Design,” which aired in March 2015. #blackweddingdress