Ashley Copeland

2017 Wedding Trends: Quirky, Creative, and Just Plain Fun

Ashley Copeland
2017 Wedding Trends: Quirky, Creative, and Just Plain Fun

2017 has reached the halfway point, and summer wedding season has arrived! Ashley Copeland Weddings has a few memorable events on the books, and as we look forward to the peak time of the year, we thought we would check on 2017 wedding trends. We surveyed three wedding web sites (;; and to see what trends they had predicted for this year. As you dream about your special day, here are some ideas to help.

Add a Dash of Color

All three web sites predicted that 2017 would see ceremonies moving beyond the traditional white gowns and black tuxes. From vibrant hues like bold greens to pastels and more, brides are adding pops of color to their weddings. Whether bridesmaid dresses, the cake, or centerpieces, color is one way to grab your guests’ attention.

Metallic Hues

Instead of bold colors, some brides are opting for a more subtle approach with metallics. According to, “Brides continue to embrace copper, rose gold, and pewter.” To incorporate these elegant tones into your wedding, think about using a subtle approach, such as embroidery on the bridesmaid dresses, ribbons on reception centerpieces, or metal vases instead of glass.

Brittany and Aaron included silver and gold tones on their gorgeous wedding cake.
Photo: Angela Karen

Sarah Beth selected a dress for her maid of honor that was glittery gold. Photo: Katie Wallace

Explore Vertical Space

Capture your guests’ imagination by filling the space above with stunning visuals, such as dangling florals, string lights, chandeliers, or tall candles and candelabras. points out that this element of your wedding can serve a double purpose—if your venue has less than beautiful carpet, filling the vertical space can distract by drawing guests’ attention upward.

The chandelier at Park Crest adds elegance to the overall setting. Photo: Jerrod Brown

A simple strand of lights strung high at Sarah Beth and Fate's reception creates a fairy tale setting. Photo: Katie Wallace

Draping above at Iron City contributed to an organic and breezy atmosphere for Allison and Blake. Photo: Nicole Muro

Organic & Natural
From the choice of flowers to use of wood and stone in the table settings, brides are opting for a more organic feel to the ceremony and reception. Bouquets that are asymmetrical continue to be popular, as they appear more natural. suggests oversize potted trees to create the feel of a forest.

Brittany's bouquet, styled by Suzanne Martensen at Stems and Styles, includes greenery and an asymmetrical look emblematic of the growing trend toward organic and natural at weddings. Photo: Angela Karen

Zac's cotton boutonniere is a more organic take on the traditional rose. Photo: Angela Karen

A Continuous Feast

Wedding guests are being treated to increasingly elaborate food options. According to, “"Late night snacks are becoming more of a 'must do' as opposed to simply an add-on.” Food trucks, raw bars, and passed desserts make feeding your guests a more interactive (and delicious) experience. Signature cocktails add a nice element to a wedding feast.

The candy buffet at Kathryn and Jesse's reception kept guests' smiling. Photo: Angela Karen

Going Hi-Tech mentions custom SnapChat filters and 3-D printers so a bride and groom can personalize everything from place cards to cake toppers. suggests using image mapping technology to transform wedding spaces using projected lights and moving pictures. And notes several ways to spice up the wedding fun using technology: new types of photo booths offer slo-mo, flip books, and animated GIFs; videographers are offering InstaGram video edits; and drones are becoming more popular to capture the reception from on high.

Other trends we like include animals, lawn games, and charitable registries. Some weddings feature pets, and some are going beyond that to incorporate animals such as bunnies and donkeys. Brides and grooms also are providing entertainment through more than just dancing—croquet and corn hole are some favorite games to give your guests a good time. And when it comes to registries, couples are looking beyond place settings and towel sets. We are seeing a new trend with the charity registry, which directs guests to a charitable cause they can donate to in honor of the wedding couple.

Meghan and Taylor's furry friends were not forgotten on the special day. Photo: Jerrod Brown

A loving comapnion watching over the wedding party portraits. Photo: Katie Wallace

Sarah Beth and Fate provided football themed corn hole to entertain their guests. Photo: Katie Wallace